Deluxe Buffet Package for 50 Pax by Bali Miracle Catering

IDR 30.320.000



50 PAX


Choice of :

- 3 kind of Appetizer, 

- 1 kind of Soup, 

- 1 kind of Live Station,

- 3 kind of Main Course, 

- 2 kind of Side Dishes, 

- Steamed rice,

- 3 kind of Dessert, 

- Fruit platter

- Non-alcoholic beverage free flow 
(3 kinds of soft drink, 3 kinds of juices, infused water & lemon tea)



Classic Caesar salad

Thai beef salad

Thai mango salad in nouc cham dressing

Mixed garden salad with condiments

Herbed mozzarella, tomato confit, and basil sc.

Germany potato & egg salad

Feta cheese & watermelon salad

Vietnamese spring roll with nouc cham dressing

"Martabak telur Bangka"

"Gado-gado" roll - Steamed Indonesian veg roll, peanut sc.

"Rujak manis" - Indonesian fruit salad with tamarind dressing

Baked scallop with herbed crumb

Yellowfin tuna tataki with "sambal matah"

Seafood spring roll with Asian dressing

Thai chicken pandan with sweet coriander chili sc.

Assorted Seafood sushi

Lobster avocado cocktail


Truffle mushroom cappuccino with crostini

Creamy pumpkin soup and coconut cream

Tomato soup with garlic butter crostini

Seafood chowder with garlic croustilante

Tom Yam Goong

White asparagus & crab corn soup

"Sup bibir ikan" - Fish lip

"Sup buntut" - Oxtail soup

"Sup ikan bumbu Bali" - Balinese fish soup

"Soto ayam" - Indonesian chicken tumeric soup

"Soto Betawi" - "Betawi" beef soup with coconut cream

"Bakso sapi derokdok" - Beef ball soup with buffalo skin


"Tekwan Tenggiri" - Fish cake with fried tofu in seafood broth


Grilled wagyu beef striploin steak

24 hour braised beef short rib in rosemary demiglaze

John dory with capers meuniere

Pan seared baramundi with herb garlic butter

French duck breast with onion marmalade

Roasted chicken in parmigiana cream sauce

Indian mutton curry - Rogan Josh

Crispy pork belly Asian glaze

Crispy pork belly "babi guling" style

Korean beef bulgogi

Salmon teriyaki

Salmon & kani mentai

Sweet & sour fish with pineapple

Chicken fillet in Thailand sauce

Salt & pepper calamari

Soft shell crab in salty egg yolk & butter sauce

"Ayam woku Toraja" - Stewed chicken in Torajan style spices

Wagyu "Rendang" - Sumatran signature stewed wagyu beef in coconut & spices

"Bebek goreng sambal ijo" (imported) - Balinese crispy duck in green chili

"Udang jumbo masak balado" - Tiger prawn in Javanese red curry sc

"Gindara masak bambu" - Baked gindara fillet in bamboo wood


Grilled Seafood a`la Jimbaran or Mediteranean style (fish, prawn, clam, squid)

BBQ pork ribs "Sate campur" - mixed satay (chicken, beef, lamb, Balinese "lilit" satay, vegetarian)

Korean BBQ with condiments (beef, pork, chicken)


Slow Roasted Angus beef striploin*

Beef wellington *

New Zealand lamb rack *

(*all carving dish served with black pepper / mushroom / chimicuri juz)

Salmon En Croute with chardonay bechamel sc

Roasted Peking duck with hoisin sc.

"Babi guling" - Balinese suckling pig

"Kambing guling" - Roasted lamb leg "guling" style

"Bebek betutu" - stewed duck in Balinese spices & banana leaves


Creamy garlic mash potato

Roasted potato with bacon

Potato gratin

Cajun potato wedges

Lynaisse potato

Beef lasagna

Creamy English spinach

Buttered mixed vegetable

Cantonese fried rice

Buttered rice

Sauted broccoli scallop

Baby kailan with Chinese mushroom sauce

Stir fry sapo tahu capcay with black mushroom

"Perkedel jagung" - pan fried corn kernel

"Bakwan udang" - deep fried prawn in batter

"Perkedel kentang" - Javanese style potato cake

"Sambal goreng hati & kentang" - stewed potato & chicken liver in Javanese sc.

"Plecing kangkung" - Lombok water spinach salad with chili & lime marination

"Tumis buncis daging sapi" - sauted green bean & minced beef

"Nasi goreng kampung" - Indonesian style fried rice

"Nasi kuning" - tumeric & coconut infused rice

"Nasi uduk" - coconut rice

"Bakmi goreng" - wok fried noodle with vegetable


Warm chocolate fondant

Citrus creme brulee

Blueberry cheese cake

Venetian tiramisu

Green - Tearamisu

Matcha creme caramel with dry coconut

Coconut panacotta

Lemon meringue

Raspberry pavlova

Sweet strawberry balsamic with almond nougatine

Strawberry mille fuille

Dark chocolate mousse

Avocado mousse

Pistachio mousse

Grill banana with toffee sauce

Apple crumble

Fruit a` choux

Mango sticky rice with palm sugar

Lychee with mix fruit cocktail

Mango pudding with vanilla sauce

"Kolak pisang" - Stewed banana in rich coconut & palm sugar

"Bubuh injin" - Black rice pudding and coconut

"Pisang goreng" - Banana fritter with vanilla sauce

"Jajan Pasar" - Assorted Indonesian Sweet Dessert

~ Dadar gulung pandan

~ Kue lapis basah

~ Lapis legit

~ Bika ambon

~ Kueh ku

~ Kelepon

~ Lupis


Assorted gelato (8 flavour)

Es Puter

Es Daluman

Es Teler

Es Campur

Es Cendol in coconut

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